Montessori Farm Projekt

Verfasst am: 02.09.2018


Zum Schuljahr 2018/19 startet das Montessori Farm Projekt in Kooperation mit der International Montessori Farm Aulendiebach

"Therefore work on the land is an introduction both to nature and to civilization and gives a limitless field for scientific and historic studies. If the produce can be used commercially this brings in the fundamental mechanism of society, that of production and exchange, on which economic life is based. This means that there is an opportunity to learn both academically and through actual experience what are the elements of social life. We have called these children the "Erdkinder" because they are learning about civilization through its origin in agriculture. They are the "land-children.""
(Quelle: Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 68)

Weiterführende Texte zur 3. Entwicklungsstufe finden Sie hier.


Bildergalerie - Momente auf der Farm